Don’t Tase Me, Bro! I’ll Sue!

By January 28, 2008Briefly Legal

The American Alliance Association for Justice, the former Association of Trial Lawyers of America, is holding its winter conference at the El Conquistador Resort & Golden Door Spa in Puerto Rico. (Average room rates, $399 to $499.)

Want to see whom the next wave of litigation is going to hit? Or continue to hit, as the case may be? Check out the breakfast sessions for Tuesday, “Litigation at Sunrise,” in Atlantic Salon 2, moderated by Howard S. Richman.

6:30 am Opening Remarks
6:40 am Gadolinium Contrast Dye
Barry M. Hill, WV
6:50 am Pain Pumps
Robert K. Jenner, MD
7:00 am Tasers
Robert Haslam, TX
7:10 am Pharmacy Liability
James E. Girards, TX
7:20 am SSRIs
Daniel N. Gallucci, PA
7:30 am Duragesic Patches Litigation Packet and
Other Resources from the AAJ Exchange
Angel L. Reyes, III, TX

Etc. Quite a meal. But that’s hardly the full fare at the conference. For a full list of “litigation groups,” see this page. Ninety minutes to discuss suing over sexual dysfunction drugs? Oh, boy. And then there’s this: “Resort Tort.”

Does the El Conquistador know?

UPDATE/CORRECTION (11:10 a.m. Tuesday): Got ATLA’s new title wrong. The Alliance for Justice is a different group. The American Trial Lawyers Association was an easier, more descriptive title to remember, but it was still our mistake.

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