Dobbs Roots for Recession

By January 24, 2008Dobbs Watch, Economy, Trade

Dobbs WatchBecause populism thrives on pain. From his CNN commentary.

And let’s be honest and straightforward, as I hope our president and the candidates for president will be: This stimulus will not prevent a recession. It may ease the pain for millions of Americans, but a recession we will have. The question is how deep, how prolonged and how painful will it be. Unfortunately, we’re about to find out how committed and capable our national leaders are at mitigating that pain and producing realistic policy decisions for this nation that now stands at the brink.

Why not go for full-blown depression, Lou? That would really prove you right.

Meanwhile, the Lou Dobbs for President movement continues to generate delusions, self- and otherwise. William Lemke would approve.

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  • Ryan Stockman says:

    NAM have you guys looked at Lou Dobb’s personal CNN web page? It’s freaking me out. Looks suspiciously like someone who is running for office. Course if Dobbs runs and gets smashed maybe that would deflate his ego. You guys need more blog entries on Dobbs. His blatant lies come daily. I think you need weekly roundups of Lou’s nonsense.

  • Joe says:

    I see nowhere where Lou Dobbs “roots for recession” in the article. Is that headline less than truthful?

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