Detroit Auto Show: A Bit of News on Fuel Efficiency

By January 14, 2008Energy

Of course, like CES 2008, there’s just too much to see at the Detroit Auto Show. So we’ll leave it to the Autoblog to hit the many, many highlights. (Hat tip: Glenn Reynolds.)

You can read Detroit News coverage starting here, with an amusing photo of a cattle drive in downtown Detroit. The Free Press coverage starts here. Like CES in Las Vegas, the auto show has a strong green tint this year.

We do have one exclusive, though, a radio account of a breakthrough in vehicle fuel efficiency. Click here to listen to the report.

Details below the break.

From the introduction of “The Whistler,” a half-hour radio show, the April 14, 1948, episode, “Til Death Do Us Part.” Download the whole show here. It also features a tongue-tied President Truman urging listeners to buy U.S. Savings Bonds.

More about Kaiser and Frazer cars here.

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