Debate Ads: Fronting for Hugo Chavez

By January 6, 2008Energy

Joe Kennedy touted Citizens Energy Corporation’s low-cost heating oil distribution program on ads during the presidential debates last night, as the former Congressman once again performed a useful propaganda service for Venezuela’s socialist caudillo and anti-American demagogue, Hugo Chavez.

Kennedy: “Some people tell me it’s bad politics to do this. I say, ‘It’s a crime against humanity not to.'” Declining to shill for a wannabe Castro is a crime against humanity?

Kennedy’s campaign promotes Citgo, a subsidiary of PDVSA, the national oil company of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. According to Citizens Energy’s 2005 IRS Form 990 (.pdf file here), Kennedy received more than $400,000 in compensation at Citizens Energy in 2005. He has pushed the Chavez subsidy program with local governments and members of Congress.

Question: Why isn’t Kennedy registered as a foreign agent?

P.S. Another Kennedy ad, the less inflammatory one sans “crime against humanity” rhetoric, just ran on Fox News Sunday here in D.C. Expensive ad time.

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