Cool Stuff Being Made: Bluecoat American Gin

By January 12, 2008Cool Stuff Being Made

Break out the tonic and lime and enjoy the taste of Bluecoat Gin in this week’s episode of “Cool Stuff Being Made.”

After an introduction from the company president, Andrew Auwerda, Master Distiller Robert Cassell guides our tour through the company’s Philadelphia distillery. Bluecoat a leader in the growing business of boutique, or small-batch, liquor — the spirited version of microbrews. Think the distinctive flavor of gin is the product of juniper berries alone? We learn from Cassell that other ingredients give Bluecoat its unique profile — coriander, angelica root and sweet orange peel.

The name Bluecoat also builds on Philadelphia’s rich history. As Auwerda once told the Courier Post of south Jersey: “We like that juxtaposition of an American gin as opposed to a ‘red-coat’ gin. People think of Philadelphia for its historical significance. We thought that the historical story fit our idea of independence and uniqueness. We wanted to say ‘Don’t drink your dad’s gin; drink this new gin specifically designed for the American palate.'”

Bluecoat’s attention to detail in the batch style distallation process has brought it many kudos, including recognition in Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of 2007 edition.

Our thanks to Pennsylvania Cable Network for enlightening us once again by sharing another of its factory tour documentaries. Cheers!

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