Civilization and Its Malcontents

By January 8, 2008Energy

Patchouli won’t keep you warm at night. With storm-caused power outages still afflicting the coastal hippy hamlet of Bolinas, many of those who claimed to have opted out of the modern world are crying, “Let us opt back in!”

The California Energy Blog takes note:

* “I am so burned out, so tired of not having electricity,” said Debbie Morrison, a 30-year resident of Bolinas, who has been huddling with her husband and five dogs in front of their wood-burning stove. (You’re so burned out? Really? Wow.)

* “I’m basically always without power,” said Joe, who didn’t want to give his last name because of legal troubles he’d rather not go into. “I have a place I live, but to save money I don’t have power, so this doesn’t bother me at all.”

* Roughing it is kind of spiritual, said local tree cutter Jerrund Bojeste, who drives a van reshaped into a dragon – complete with metal scales and a toothy mouth that he insists shoots fire. “It’s not PG&E that is the light. It’s the inner light of our own heart, the love light”… Without electricity, he said, “people go back to that earthly divineness. It’s only because we are told we need electricity that we use it.” (PG&E should sign this guy up for their PR department! “You don’t need lights, man!”)

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