Changes at the Shopfloor Blog, With More to Come

By January 18, 2008Policy Experts

shopfloor_logo2.gifYou may have noticed a few new voices turning up on the Shopfloor blog here at the National Association of Manufacturers, persuasive voices all.

We’ve added a section, which represents the latest commentary and background from the NAM’s vice presidents of policy. These are the NAM’s lead personnel on issue areas, well-known figures in the Washington world of public policy and trade associations.

So far we’ve had Jay Timmons, NAM’s executive vice president (congratulations, Jay!), and his take on America’s energy dependence; Jeri Gillespie, vice president of human resources policy, offer the business perspective on ERISA and health care; Dorothy Coleman, vice president of tax and domestic economic policy, examine corporate tax rates and economic stimulus; and Frank Vargo, vice president for international economic affairs, dispel the myths about CAFTA.

We’ll be unveiling more commentators, improvements, expansions and changes — in content AND form — in the coming scores of fortnights. Stay tuned…

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