Card Check: Voting to Disenfranchise Yourself

By January 7, 2008Labor Unions

James Sherk at the Heritage Foundation provides a timely, primary-season update on the effects of the Employee Free Choice Act.

Few Americans are aware that many leading presidential candidates want to take away their right to vote privately on joining a union. The little-known and misnamed Employee Free Choice Act would disenfranchise 105 million American workers by replacing secret ballots for union organizing elections with the card check system. This process would expose workers to union pressure and intimidation, while denying them the option of voting “no” on union representation. The President and Members of Congress are elected by secret ballots. Congress should reject any effort to deny workers the right to vote.

One-hundred-and-five million? And how many employees would that be in each early primary state?

  • 508,497 workers in New Hampshire
  • 1,540,440 workers in South Carolina
  • 3,606,930 workers in Michigan
  • 6,652,444 workers in Florida
  • Obviously those are estimates based on a formula, but you get the drift.

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    • anonymous says:

      Boo Hoo! Card check takes away the employers ability to intimidate workers who want to establish a union.

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