Candidates Say: Better Cuba and China

By January 29, 2008Energy

Investor’s Business Daily takes an editorial whack at the Republican presidential candidates for their timidity toward developing tremendous oil and natural gas potential in the Gulf of Mexico. Campaigning in Florida has apparently rendered them mute about realistic — and environmentally safe ways to achieve energy security — including expansion of our domestic energy production.

Cuba and China have longer-term goals:

Cuba’s state-run oil company, Cubapetroleo, has inked a deal with China’s Sinopec to explore for oil in its half of the Florida Strait and is using Chinese-made drilling equipment to conduct the exploration. Since oil fields do not respect international boundaries, Cuba and others will be pumping petroleum that should be ours.

Enviro-leftists who oppose drilling in the gulf should know that none other than Fidel Castro is taking advantage of the Outer Shelf. Cuba has gleaned $1.7 billion from oil and gas drilling as close as 60 miles from the Florida coast since 2004, according to Rep. John Peterson of Pennsylvania, and “is drilling closer to sovereign American property than we are.”

Just as the Democratic candidates bowed to anti-Yucca Mountain shibboleths in Nevada, Republicans are shaking before the anti-domestic-energy crowd in Florida.

Energy security would be nice, but right now, we’d settle for just a little energy confidence.

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