Britain Goes Nuclear, U.S. Goes…

By January 12, 2008Energy

Investor’s Business Daily takes editorial note of the big push under way in Britain to go nuclear. In response, environmentalists (with some notable exceptions) express irrational opposition, fuel public fears, and seek to block power development via the courts. Fortunately, British officials and politicians appear willing to buck the powerful green lobby.

Here in the United States?

U.S. policymakers, though, can’t even work up the gumption to draw on the resources we have in our own country. We can’t drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. New development off our coasts is choked by ill-advised legislation and regulations.

As eco-activists continue their campaign of hostility toward anything but renewables and spineless politicians let themselves be intimidated, our energy needs and dependence on foreign sources keep growing. It’s a recipe for long-term economic misery.

This country wasn’t founded on political weakness and raving hysteria, and it can’t be expected to forge ahead under their burden. We don’t have much of a future if those character failures aren’t eliminated.

Tough language, but well justified by the state of domestic energy policy.

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