A Manufacturer for Ag Secretary

By January 24, 2008Miscellaneous

Former North Dakota Governor Ed Schafer has his confirmation hearing today before the Senate Agriculture Committee for Secretary of Agriculture. This AgWeek/Forum/Herald story hits the high points, leaving readers the clear sense that the political world in North Dakota is a close-knit affair, where everyone knows everyone. (And yours truly gets quoted.)

Space constraints meant the omission, however, of other background that should please manufacturers. Before getting into public service, Governor Schafer had a long career in manufacturing, working in numerous capacities in the Gold Seal Company. The household products manufacturer, founded in 1942, made such familiar products as Snowy Bleach and Mr. Bubble. The Bismarck-based firm was sold to Airwick Industries in 1986, when Schafer was company president.

And as noted in the story, Schafer supports the expansion of U.S. exports, an increasingly important base for manufacturing growth in the country.

So best of luck, Ed. Sure, this is a big deal for North Dakotans, but it’s also a pretty big deal for manufacturers, too.

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