2008: A Bad Year for Organized Labor

By January 4, 2008Labor Unions

Tough times for organized labor.

First, their candidates get trounced in Iowa by Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton was supposed to win thanks to organizational muscle provided by unions like AFSCME and its 30,000 Iowa members..

John Edwards sold himself as labor’s guy and had the SEIU endorsement in Iowa.

And in the really important venue — late-night television — Jay Leno did the work of 19 of his writers, came to back to work authoring his own material, and creamed the Writers Guild-endorsed David Letterman in the ratings (7 million to 4 million viewers).

Better luck next year, guys.

UPDATE (11:43 a.m.) Michelle Malkin notes AFSCME contributed $770,000 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. And, “Chris “.02 percent” Dodd had the backing of the International Association of Fire Fighters.”

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