Why Judicial Hellholes Matter

By December 19, 2007Briefly Legal

From The Examiner, an editorial, ATRA’s judicial hellholes mock our legal system.”

Every day, defendants are forced to defend themselves from frivolous lawsuits that clog our judicial system and often leave them financially ruined — even if they prevail in court or never even go to court. The willful abuse of our legal system by some unscrupulous lawyers and their money-grubbing clients is even worse. For example, ATRA reports that one Ohio judge wound up barring all members of a law firm from his courtroom after discovering they had surreptitiously been seeking payoffs for the same shipyard worker’s death from asbestos trusts and a cigarette manufacturer.

ATRA’s full report is available here as a .pdf downlod, and this page has several interesting localized news releases. For example, jackpot justice comes to Las Vegas.

“For decades Las Vegas has been America’s hottest destination for gamblers, and now its county courts are attracting personal injury lawyers who are also looking to get rich quick,” noted ATRF president Sherman “Tiger” Joyce. “Clark County judges are dealing from the bottom of the deck when it comes to advancing personal injury litigation to the detriment of the state’s economy.”

There are other gambling metaphors available.

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