Whoopi Goldberg vs. Warren Buffett: The Debate

By December 5, 2007Taxation

On most everything else policywise, the actress/comedienne/free-floating celebrity tends to be loopy. But on the fundamental unfairness of the death tax, she’s right on.

From Newsbusters.org:

Opponents of the Death Tax may have found a very unlikely celebrity spokesperson, “View” moderator Whoopi Goldberg. On the December 4 edition, guest co-host Kate Walsh noted all of the programs Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul wishes to abolish. Goldberg then stepped in proclaiming “I’d like somebody to get rid of the death tax…If I have to give something to my kid I already paid the tax, why do I have to pay it again because I died?”

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After a strong applause from the audience, Joy Behar retorted “only people with a lot of money say that.” Whoopi strongly disagreed and added this comment against the death tax.

“It’s horrible. It doesn’t matter if you have or you don’t have money. Once you paid your taxes, it should be a done deal. You shouldn’t have to pay twice. No taxation without representation! Sorry.”

You blew the joke, Whoopi. It’s “No taxation without respiration.” But, seriously, thank you for expressing the sentiment.

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  • SimeonWolf says:


    The Death Tax issue is neither a conservative or liberal argument. It’s a common sense issue. By the way where are all these people asking for handouts? Where? They must all be showing up at your door.

    With tax issue now we are going off on a tangent for your own selfish agendas. I garantee you once everything goes private, police, fire, roads, etc. etc. you will really have something to complain about. “Why wont the firemen stop the fire!! The firemen says. “Because you don’t have enough money to pay for our services, sir. Have a nice day :)” Or you can’t pay them for their services and they take your house. Yeah this sounds all like liberal happy gas. Thats because you don’t think or reason. Your a child in an adult body who whines just as loud as your liberal enemy. Your pathetic. Both sides are pathetic.

  • LWilson says:


    This came from Glenn Beck:

    Whoopi Goldberg was talking on The View about the death tax and how she thought it just wasn’t right that someone should be taxed more than once on the same money, a view which she was then trashed by liberal bloggers for having. Welcome to life on the conservative side of things, Whoopi — hold a common sense viewpoint and get turned into the hate monger.

    Anybody with common sense knows that. Even the robber barons of the past didn’t think of something so heinous as this. What are all these taxes going for anyway? Who ever thought that it was right to tax all the hard-working people to pay for all the lazy bums wanting a handout? All of a sudden we have all these people with their hands out. I can’t believe there isn’t work available! We have signs all over needing people to fill positions!

  • Mitch says:

    I am impressed and surprised that the common grounding between liberals and conservatives has provoked Whoppie to speak out. Money and the desire to keep it from confiscatory bureaucracies are shared instincts of the wealthy socialist left and the conservative right. What I will be further surprised to see will be Ms. Goldberg publicly addressing this issue again. I sense that she will be muzzled by those politically embarrassed at hearing her carry water for President Bush.

    She will also, no doubt, be flooded with offers for estate planning services.

  • buddy u. says:

    What Whoopie didn’t say or realize, is that the Feds are just about out of the estate tax business, thanks to non other than George W. Bush and the 2000 Tax Bill. About 97% of all estates will be free of FEDERAL estate taxes this year. Only the REALLY rich need worry. HOWEVER, in states like NJ where I live, NY, CT, and all the other left-wing lunatic, high tax states, they have stepped right up to the plate with their spend and tax mentalities and made up the difference. So Whoopie, if you REALLY want to get pissed off about the “death tax”, take a look at which state you live in. It is actually worth moving out of NJ for me!!!! Also, our latest maniac Democrat Gov. Corzine, who learned his trade at Goldman Sachs, introduced yet another tax last week. You have to pay $30 to die in New Jersey!!!! $30!!!! I kid you not. This is one his predecessor, “Twinkle Toes McGreevey” missed! I gotta get outta here!!!!!!

    PS. Corzine’s latest fantasy is to sell our freakin roads!!!! So that we can replace debt with MORE debt! You cannot make this stuff up!

  • Pete Wilson says:

    People who complain about the death tax just kill me, so to speak. There are couple of ways to pass on your assets before you pass on: a trust, an outright gift, and there must be others. And these ways have the further advantage that they avoid probate. What’s the matter with you, Whoopi?

  • Robert Seybold says:

    Maybe no sympathy for Whoopi, but for everyone else, especially small business owners and farmers that have a lot of assets but not much cash, the death tax is grossly unfair. And IRS doesn’t want assets. They want cash. This often requires selling of the assets, even though the tax has been paid as property tax, income tax on cash used to buy the asset, and on and on. So what is fair about taxing them again just because the owner died? You earn $1,000, pay $300 income tax on those earnings, die, and now another tax must be paid on the remaining $700.

  • George says:

    No sympathy for Whoopi and her money. Sorry.

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