Wave Energy, the Gem of the Ocean

By December 21, 2007Energy

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

The first approved wave-power program in the United States has been given a green light for a pilot project in Makah Bay, a remote section of the Pacific Ocean just off of the northwestern tip of the Olympic Peninsula.

“This is good news, a significant step forward, for the ocean energy industry,” said Myke Clark, spokesman for Finavera Renewables, an international alternative energy firm with an office in Vancouver, B.C., which is pursuing the Makah Bay project.

The FERC’s news release announcing the first license for the hydrokinetic project is here. The Chairman’s statement is here. Finavera issued a news release, and PG&E and Finavera have reached a deal for the energy’s purchase.

Congratulations to all. Alternative energy resources like wave power can make important contributions to our nation’s future economic and energy needs. We’ll continue to demand efficient and concentrated producers of baseload power (ones not so remote), but pioneering projects like Finavera’s are to be saluted.

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