WaPo’s Pearlstein Salutes NAM Effectiveness

By December 14, 2007Energy, Media Relations

Here’s what business columnist Steven Pearlstein had to say about the National Association of Manufacturers in today’s Washington Post:

Their relentless crusade against taxes and regulation has damaged financial markets, weakened the economy, poisoned the political atmosphere and eliminated any possibility of effectively representing their members’ interest with a Democratic Congress or White House.

A relentless crusade against taxes and regulation? We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Unlike Pearlstein we believe that those two things will damage financial markets, weaken the economy and hurt employers and employees alike. And you can expect the NAM to continue that crusade — regardless of who controls the Congress or the White House. Why? Because that is exactly how we effectively represent our members’ interest.

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  • Joe says:

    You correctly quoted one paragraph from the article but there are a few more with relevance.

    You would never know from the intensity of the opposition that what was at stake was denying the oil industry, a big importer, the benefits of a tax credit meant to help manufacturing exporters.

    Nor would you have guessed that since the tax credit was enacted in 2004, soaring oil prices have triggered a boom in exploration and drilling and increased the combined profits for the five companies to about $120 billion a year from about $85 billion.
    To hear it from industry and its business allies, this “massive” new tax on the oil industry would have discouraged domestic energy production, raised energy prices, slowed growth and driven jobs overseas.

    Even by Washington standards, this is disingenuous nonsense.

    And let’s not forget our oilman president, George W. Bush, who told reporters in April 2005 that “with $55 oil, we don’t need incentives to oil and gas companies to explore.” Now that the price is flirting with $100 a barrel, however, the president has threatened to veto the energy bill because the higher taxes would discourage production. Go figure.

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