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By December 14, 2007America's Business

Americas Business with Mike Hambrick“America’s Business with Mike Hambrick” this week is turning its attention to a problem hitting the pocketbooks of manufacturers and everyday Americans – rising energy prices.

The price of a gallon of gas recently averaged $3, up 30% from a year ago.

Congressman Nick Lampson (D-TX) will join Mike to talk about why he was one of a handful of Democrats who recently voted against a controversial House energy bill. Lampson says the bill doesn’t boost fuel supplies and could cause more pain at the pump.

“The bill really didn’t do anything to reduce energy costs for families in my opinion who are struggling to make ends meet,” Lampson says.

Meanwhile Alexander “Andy” Karsner, assistant energy secretary, will discuss a program to help industrial plants cut energy costs. The Energy Department’s “Save Energy Now” initiative appears to be working and “America’s Business” has the proof – a Dow Chemical official will tell Mike how the program helped his company slash energy expenses.

America is known for its inventors – Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison and George Washington Carver to name a few. But are Americans losing the lead when it comes to thinking up fresh ideas and products?

John Kao, author of “Innovation Nation,” is worried we’ve lost our edge. He’ll drop by America’s Business to discuss this problem and how it could affect America’s future.

“In my mind, it’s a scenario where America could become a much less happy place to live,” Kao says.

In our regular segments, Renee Giachino of America Justice Partnership gives us the heroes and villains of tort reform battles and the NAM’s Hank Cox recalls the “The Way It Was.”

And the National Association of Manufacturers President John Engler gives us “The Last Word” when he talks about a proposed EPA ozone regulation that could cause the loss of thousands of manufacturing jobs.

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