The Week Ahead: The Week of Dec. 31, 2007

By December 31, 2007General

The Senate holds a pro forma session today at 10 a.m. and then adjourns sine die for the first session of the 110th Congress. Doubt that extra procedural step will push the session over a minute’s length.

Welcoming in the new year: The House and Senate convene the second session of the 110th Congress at noon Thursday, January 3, 2008. They then go back out until mid-January.

Also Thursday, something is happening in Iowa. Political meetings, something like that.

One House hearing, rescheduled from earlier. The Committee on Homeland Security will hold a field hearing on Thursday in El Paso, Texas: “Ensuring Homeland Security While Facilitating Legitimate Travel: The Challenge at America’s Ports of Entry.” Details here.

The President is in Crawford, Texas, returning to the White House on New Year’s Day to prepare for his trip next week to the Middle East.

The Department of Labor releases its monthly employment report for December on Friday. Prediction: The media will put the worst possible spin on the results. Admittedly, we always predict that.

Congratulations to our neighbors at the National Press Club, which is entering its 100th year. On Friday, January 4th, the club will premier its new documentary, “The National Press Club at 100: A Century of Headlines.” A panel discussion follows. Details.

And to all our friends in the Ozarks who keep the old ways, we wish you a very merry Christmas on Sunday. Since everything’s going green.

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