The Centennial of the Great White Fleet

By December 11, 2007General

011211.jpgOn today’s House consent agenda, H.Con.Res. 261, “Commemorating the centennial anniversary of the sailing of the Navy’s ‘Great White Fleet,’ launched by President Theodore Roosevelt on December 16, 1907, from Hampton Roads, Virginia, and returning there on February 22, 1909.”

Whereas the launching of the Great White Fleet marked the emergence of the United States as a true global seapower, able to dispatch 16 new battleships on a worldwide deployment for 14 months;

Whereas these battleships were painted entirely white, with gilded scrollwork on their bows, and subsequently came to be known as the `Great White Fleet’;

Whereas the 4 squadrons of 4 battleships each, manned by 14,000 sailors, sailed 43,000 miles and made 20 port calls on 6 continents…[etc.]

The inset photo is of the Battleship Ohio.

P.S. Why the post? Consider it an extension of the Jamestown 400 commemoration.

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  • The Celebration of the Great White Fleet provides an opportunity to remember our dependence on trade with other nations and our reliance on a strong Navy, today. We should never take these things for granted and build partners that can support this policy. Thank you CAPT Chun for the thought of Global Partnership Security.

  • CAPT Conrad Chun, USN says:

    The Commemoration of the Great White Fleet is one of the greatest historical events in our Navy. This month marks the start of a 14 month commemoration — 100 years of Global Partnership Security.

    We are still the finest Navy in the world.

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