Senate Fails to Invoke Cloture on Energy Bill

By December 7, 2007Energy, Taxation

Earlier this morning the Senate voted 53-42 on a cloture motion on H.R. 6, the Discourage Energy Production Act of 2007, i.e., failed to invoke cloture.

Which means the Senate may try to take some of more onerous, anti-market, consumer-punishing provisions — like the renewable fuels standard and tax increases — out of the legislation and try to go from there. A compromise, this one actually involving both political parties.

Here’s a brief story in The Hill on today’s developments.

UPDATE (2:22 p.m.) From CQ:

The chairman and ranking Republican on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee said they hope to see the bill back on the Senate floor as soon as possible, perhaps next week.

But they faced resistance from the Senate Finance Committee chairman to their plan to dump the tax package. “The tax title is a necessary part of the energy bill,” said Max Baucus , D-Mont. “It will not be jettisoned. We will find a way to get it passed.”

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