Promoting Reno, Nevada, through Trade

By December 3, 2007Trade

The Reno-Gazette Journal writes up a nice profile of Doug Kurkul, a former vice president at the National Association of Manufacturers who now heads the Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce. Doug’s comments about trade are well-appreciated.

“When you think about business with China, most people think of Fortune 500 companies,” Kurkul said. “But what we did, we put on this program in conjunction with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and we had 35 people who had an interest in doing business with China and only one came from a Fortune 500 company.

“One of them was Don Richardson of the Richardson Galley of Fine Art,” Kurkul said. “He is interested in getting greater contact and ties with world-renown Asian artists. We had another person who has a one-person business looking for injection molding, and he thinks China might be a source for that. Then we had a fellow who runs a business down in Carson City with a very exciting environmental product, and I was in China just a few months ago and they definitely have a need for environmental products there.”

The Reno-Sparks Chamber promotes a couple of strong selling points: No state income tax, estate tax or inventory tax,

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