Post Misses One Little Thing on Labor ‘Report’

By December 11, 2007Labor Unions

Immediately below we have a post about the political pamphlet, “Beyond Justice,” released by the Center for American Progress attacking the Office of Labor-Management Standards.

The Washington Post gave the “report” a good ride this morning on Page A19, accomplishing the Center’s presumed goal, that of giving supporting documentation to Big Labor’s allies on Capitol Hill.

Fair enough. That’s the way things work in Washington. Even a shoddy, abjectly political piece of work gets called a “study” and gains some legitimacy.

Thing is, reporters often make a point that when a report comes from a pro-market or business-friendly think tank of laying out the author’s funding in some detail. The implication: The funding produced the outcome. It’s a simplified, cynical point of view, but there it is.

So why in this case did the reporter, Elizabeth Williamson, and her editors omit relevant financial information about the Center for American Progress?

In a Fiscal Year 2007 report filed with the Office of Labor-Management Standards, the AFL-CIO national headquarters reported giving the Center for American Progress $10,000. In the 2006 report SEIU gave the Center $50,000, AFL-CIO another $10,000, and AFSCME $50,000.

You can look it up here. Very useful information from the OLMS, all in the cause of transparency.

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