NYT: Speaker Pelosi Bests Dingell on CAFE

By December 2, 2007Energy

From The New York Times, “Fuel Bill Shows House Speaker’s Muscle“:

Mr. Dingell said that all sides had compromised to get a good deal on the energy bill, and he took credit for safeguarding the interests of the auto industry. In a telephone interview, he praised Ms. Pelosi and said his disagreements with her had been useful.

“This is not a place where namby-pambies come down and are told what to do by speakers,” he said. “My place is not to come down here and be a yes-man for Nancy Pelosi or Sam Rayburn or Tip O’Neill or my beloved friend John McCormack or Jim Wright, who was one of my dear friends. It’s to see to it that the institution works.”

Outside observers, however, said Mr. Dingell had capitulated after realizing he could not win, especially given high oil prices. “The speaker basically took him on and won,” said Dan Becker, an environmental consultant.

The whole piece is a credible-enough analysis, i.e. speculation, i.e. reporter’s opinion. Chairman Dingell was not the only member of Congress dickering over the energy bill, though.

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