Nuclear Support in Congress, Maryland

By December 23, 2007Energy

Ten years from now, we’d guess 2007 will stand as a landmark year in the (revived) history of nuclear energy in the United States. New applications, new projects, a more positive public sentiment …there have been many good developments. Just the latest, reported in today’s Washington Post:

It’s just one paragraph, tucked amid a mountain of legislation passed last week by Congress, but to proponents of nuclear power in Calvert County, it speaks volumes.

The paragraph authorizes the U.S. Energy Department to give loan guarantees to private lenders for up to $18.5 billion worth of new reactor projects. A big chunk of that protection could go toward financing a proposed third reactor at the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant in Lusby.

“This is a huge step,” said Michael J. Wallace, executive vice president of Constellation Energy. The Baltimore company wants to build the reactor, expected to cost $4 billion or more.

We’ll certainly need the electricity.

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