New York’s Grandees of Grandstanding

By December 7, 2007Energy

NEI Nuclear Notes has lots of good coverage this week about New York politicians Gov. Eliot Spitzer and Attorney General Andrew Cuomo trying to shut down the Indian Point nuclear power plant. These clique and claque of political grandstanding are asking the Nuclear Regulatory Commission not to extend operating licenses for the two reactors, claiming all sorts of dire consequences if they continue supplying power to the people of New York. Why, we’ll see attacks staged during an earthquake by terrorists in a hijacked airplane trying to cause a melt-down so they can steal nuclear waste and drop it into the Hudson River so Pete Seeger gets scared and won’t play the banjo anymore.

You want to talk dire consequences? Looking back to a New York Post column from Matthew C. Cordaro, former president of the Midwest Independent System Operator:

Indian Point’s 2,000 megawatts (MW) supply 30 percent of New York City and the surrounding region’s electricity on a typical day, including much of the energy required by the mass-transit system run by Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

The plant has been a powerful economic engine, responsible for economic activity (including jobs, taxes, economic output and labor income, purchases, contributions to the local community, etc.) totaling $763.3 million a year for Westchester and surrounding counties.

Eliminate those contributions to people’s lives: Now THAT’s dire.

As the NEI’s chief nuclear officer, Marvin Fertel, notes, Spitzer and Cuomo and their cohort are demanding action before the NRC conducts its 22-month license review; the politicians are trying to circumvent the legal regulatory review.

Really, this is posturing of the worst sort and if it succeeds, New Yorkers will be colder and poorer. Is that really the kind of political agenda these two want to seize upon?

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