More on the Energy Bill in the Senate

By December 13, 2007Energy

CQ Politics has the latest update on the Senate energy bill.

And here’s the roll call results on the cloture vote. Kudos to Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) for showing political independence and voting no.

A statement from the American Petroleum Institute:

API applauds Senate for its action on energy legislation
WASHINGTON – API issued the following statement:

“We applaud the Senate for recognizing the adverse effect that increased taxes would have had on future energy supplies. “The remaining legislation contains provisions which will enhance our nation’s energy security. However, we have serious concerns about elements of the bill regarding biofuels. We hope that these will be addressed in subsequent actions, including regulatory rule-making.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expresses unhappiness with the Senate action and says she continues to support the tax increases on oil production:

Pelosi said that Democrats wouldn’t give up on those measures.

“We’ll come back with that,” she told reporters. “I think it’s important to note with all legislation, you put out your high water mark, accomplish what you can do, and you signal where you’re going next with it.”

But the CQ story above says, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi , D-Calif., said the House would accept the revised measure, and it could be sent to Bush next week.”

P.S. Oh, we get it. In the first quote, Speaker Pelosi is talking about returning to the tax provisions in future Congresses. Terrible idea economically, but fair enough as political positioning.

UPDATE (3:23 p.m.) David Freddoso at The Corner notes the interesting Blue Dog dynamic over in the House. Many of the Blue Dogs Dems come from energy-producing states, so dropping the taxes is good and could win their support. But they’re also insisting on Pay-Go, so dropping the taxes is bad.

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