Merry Globalized Christmas (Tree)

By December 24, 2007General

Exotic firs thrive on Christmas tree farms

KINGS VALLEY, Ore. — Most of the 8 million Christmas trees harvested in Oregon this year will be traditional noble or Douglas fir trees.

But a type of European fir, prized by growers for its hardiness, is slowly taking root in the state, which is the country’s No. 1 producer of Christmas trees.

The Nordmann fir, a native of the Republic of Georgia, and the closely related Turkish fir are becoming increasingly popular in Oregon’s Christmas tree industry.

“They just seem healthier and stronger than the nobles. They look really good for us,” said Betty Malone, who runs Sunrise Tree Farm in Benton County with her husband.

It’s OK, really. Santa Claus came from Georgia.

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