Manufacturing in Ohio, Very Cool

By December 29, 2007General

As we take a holiday break from our regular weekly “Cool Stuff Being Made” videos about manufacturing, we bring you a video about…manufacturing. The Ohio Manufacturers’ Association has produced a really great video about the importance of manufacturing in Ohio’s economy and the career opportunities that industry offers in the state.

As the homepage for “Ohio — Powered by Manufacturing” states, “Ohio manufacturers have a great story to tell. It doesn’t get told often enough.” The website has it as a streaming video, a download version in Windows Media, and links to the two-part YouTube video, here and here.

Can’t recommend this one enough.

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  • Dan Bassill says:

    As business heads into a new year and looks further ahead, many have great concerns about the future of the workforce, and the ability to compete with foriegn countries without significant changes in how well our schools prepare youth for jobs and careers in manufacturing and other industries. I wrote about this on my blog this year. The link is

    This is one of many articles I write to engage business in opening a new channel for reaching, teaching and preparing youth for carees, via non -school tutor/mentor programs that engage business volunteers as mentors, tutors and leaders.

    While my focus is on Chicago, the application of this idea applied to any city in the country. Companies with locations in many cities, can encourage volunteer involvement in multiple places, and benefit from helping those volunteers connect and learn from each other.

    If you’re concerned about the future of your workforce, I encourage you to add the Tutor/Mentor Connection as a resource.

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