It’s a Card Check Kind of Week

By December 11, 2007Labor Unions

With all the international labor leaders descending on Silver Spring (What? — Not enough room in Takoma Park?), the unions and their allies have been beating the publicity drum for the scurvily named Employee Free Choice Act. Bret Jacobson at notes the rhetorical gushing from Jesse Jackson, who sees Europe’s economic models as worthy of emulating. The anti-business business radio program, Marketplace, touts the cause. And the AFL-CIO linked card check to yesterday’s U.N. Human Rights Day. Because the United Nations is the arbiter of all that is good.

Once again, here’s what the Employee Free Choice Act would do: Instead of voting by secret ballot on whether to join a union or not, employees would be approached by union organizers — off the worksite, even at home — and asked to sign an affiliation card. Three, four, even more organizers could surround you in a parking lot, saying, “You really do want to sign that card…Don’t you?”

The AFL-CIO and their allies want the power to bully, intimidate and threaten people into joining a union so they can get unions due from them. Extortion and threats — quite some human right.

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