International Unions, Sweeney, Attack America

By December 13, 2007Labor Unions

Do labor unions think they improve their case by denouncing America?


Truth is Lost in Translation for Card Check

It was bound to happen: International labor groups defamed U.S. employers as they enjoyed their time at the AFL-CIO’s let’s-bash-America shindig this week. To wit, the labor group UNI regurgitated American labor’s bogus claim that tens of thousands of employees are fired during secret ballot organizing elections:

Last year 30,000 workers were sacked for seeking to join a union in the United States.

But that number refers to every single working American who received any amount of backpay for an employer’s labor violation — the real number is a tiny fraction of that figure. Maybe it’s a problem with converting to the metric system.

Meanwhile, the AFL-CIO’s John Sweeney let loose this equally dubious hyperbole:

Corporations are sinking to new lows in the United States, thwarting workers’ freedom to form unions at every turn, and our nation’s labor laws are helpless to stop them.”

Suuuuuuure … that must be the only reason people don’t want to join unions.

More hectoring and distortion from the AFL-CIO here. They’re obviously preaching to their base — their declining base — and have given up trying to convince the general public of the validity of their arguments. It’s a strategy that could indeed raise lots of money and maximize political influence with a small group of like-minded people, but in the long-term it achieves nothing more than animosity and impotence.

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