Intelligence Committee’s FISA Bill Advances

By December 17, 2007Briefly Legal, Communications

The Senate voted 76-10 to proceed with the Senate Intelligence Committee’s version of the FISA Amendments Act, S. 2248. That’s the version that passed out of committee on a 13-2 bipartisan vote, and the cloture vote is a harbinger of a somewhat more reasoned debate on foreign surveillance and immunity for telecom companies. Senator Dodd, on break from his presidential campaign, is vowing a real, old-fashioned filibuster:

Said Dodd’s Deputy Campaign Manager Amos Hochstein:

“This is not something that happens very often. It is actually fairly rare. But the senator felt that this is what is needed in order to do whatever he could in the Senate rules to stop the bill from moving forward.

The Baltimore Sun’s Swamp blog notes the appearance of a statement on Senate action coming from a campaign staffer.

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