Fostering the Export Economy

By December 27, 2007Economy, Trade

In case you weren’t watching PBS’s “Nightly Business Report” on Christmas eve, here’s the transcript of a good piece on U.S. manufacturers pursuing additional export markets. Featured is Quality Float Works, a Schaumburg, Ill., manufacturer of metal floats and vessels. Sandra Westlund-Deenihan, the company’s president and design engineer, is a member of the NAM Board of Directors.

David Huether, the NAM’s chief economist, also provides a bit of balance to the tendency to overemphasize the role of the lower dollar in promoting exports, now and into the future:

Growth overseas is strong, not only in Asia, but in south central America and Europe as well. So if the dollar would appreciate modestly, I still think as long as growth overseas maintains a good pace, that we will continue to see solid export growth going forward.

Absent new, protectionist legislation from Congress, that is — if we may add a comment, David.

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