Evelyn Wood? No Relation, Thank You

By December 10, 2007General

Now, we’re not one to make too much of a fuss about legislators voting on bills they’ve haven’t actually, you know, read. In any legislative body, you rely on the division of labor for efficiency (hence committees) and party discipline also means that nine times out of ten, it’s reasonable to vote without knowing every detail of a bill. Shocking, we know.

But at the same time, if not reading bills is a necessary part of getting your work done, should you be calling out the kettle?

Although he admits he has not even seen the bipartisan legislation that would fund critical priorities such as border security, homeland security, and putting more police officers on the street, the President has recklessly threatened to veto it. For a President already lacking in credibility, it is dangerous to issue veto threats based on press reports alone.

That’s from a statement Saturday by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, criticizing President Bush’s threat — via OMB Director Jim Nussle — to veto an omnibus spending bill.

An omnibus bill will wrap up 11 appropriations measures and the emergency supplemental appropriations for fighting the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Has anyone read it?

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