Eco-terrorism: Not Many Headlines

By December 31, 2007General

The Eugene Register-Guard polled its readers on important stories for 2007, a standard year-end space filler. The start of the story:

It was an unprecedented series of criminal sentencings, unfolding over several months at Eugene’s new U.S. Federal Courthouse. Ten radical environmentalists received prison time for their roles in eco-sabotage. Federal attorneys dubbed the case “Operation Backfire.”

Register-Guard reporters and editors deemed it the No. 1 local story of 2007. Register-Guard readers, meanwhile, didn’t feel it even qualified for top 10 status. They relegated it to 21st out of a list of 25.

Boy, we sure didn’t hear about this: A major case of eco-terrorism brought to a close 2007, complete with radical environmentalists, conspiracies, attacks that ranged over five Western states, FBI investigations, federal prosecutions. Well, despite the reporting of the Register-Guard, the news apparently failed to fire the public’s imagination.

Strange. Far-reaching domestic terrorism, an assault on private property and capitalism. Seems like it should be a top 10 story nationwide, not just in Eugene.

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