Dollars for Domains

By December 22, 2007Technology

Why a $200,000 Domain is Worth the Investment

Kevin Ham is making big business out of domain name investments. He recently topped the charts last November at the 2007 GeoDomain Expo in San Francisco buying for $200,000. And again, last spring in Vegas, Ham didn’t blink an eye when shelling out $650,000 in one afternoon for a swath of domains including Ham already owns and

Ham has a foothold in the Web 2.0 domain buying game. He capitalizes on the business community’s lack of online real estate panache by buying great domain names and selling them back for big profit. Today’s companies don’t want a tweaked version of their name and they’re finally realizing that their websites are becoming who they are, the face of the company. So companies turn to Ham’s domain trough and pay top dollar.

The reality in this Web 2.0 world is that a business with an emphasis on ecommerce and the right domain name could send 200 more people to their site a month for their goods and services. The domain price pays for itself quickly.

The escalating costs of domain names should be an eye-opener for manufacturers. Two things to keep in mind: 1) Your company could have a better domain name, but it could come at a cost; and 2) domain-name clearinghouses, and maybe Kevin Ham himself, is buying every version of your domain and hording it until your company ponies up the big bucks.

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