Dear Mr. Leno: Send Us Money, Too

By December 4, 2007Labor Unions

Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien are digging into their own pockets to pay their non-writing staff, recently laid off because of the writers’ strike. A pro-union or anti-union position to take? HR Capitalist says, “Yes.”

Seems to us, making the strike painless only prolongs it.

But then, the writers’ strike has been pretty painless to all America. It could go on and on and on and on ….

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  • bob says:

    On the subject of labor unions, I thought you might enjoy this:…….While driving home from the airport yesterday, I encountered a colorful and festive sticker on the back bumper of a car in front of me. It’s message, “SANTA IS A TEAMSTER,” activated my skeptic nerve and prompted me to ask the question, “Why would Santa Claus join a labor union?”……Before I could answer that question with any sense of authority, I felt I needed to learn more about the union officially known as the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. So I typed “Teamsters” in the search block at……What I learned at the online repository of data appears in boldface in the bullet points below. Inside parentheses next to it, I’ve added my thoughts that lead to the conclusion stated in the headline above:……~~ The Teamsters union was formed in 1903 (Makes me wonder how Santa Claus managed things during the previous 17 centuries of his existence.);……~~ The Teamsters’ logo contains horses (Santa Claus would never buy into the beliefs of an outfit that allows horses — not reindeer — to appear in its corporate logo.);……~~ The Teamsters’ history is pock-marked by the influence of organized crime (Watch Miracle on 34th Street, a film that offers a good representation of the moral character of Santa Claus, and you’ll be convinced that the jolly fat man wouldn’t have anything to do with criminal types.); and, finally,……~~ The Teamsters lost its president, Jimmy Hoffa, in 1975 (Santa Claus would never lend his time, talent or treasure (a.k.a., union dues) to an outfit so careless that it loses its leader. During 17 centuries of work, the red-suited wonder has never lost a single package.)…….Cast aside any of the explanations above and one indisputable fact remains as to why Santa Claus would never join the Teamsters: He’s management!
    ……Merry Christmas!

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