D.C. Doesn’t Have Better Things to Do?

By December 12, 2007Health Care

From today’s Washington Post:

The D.C. Council voted 7 to 6 yesterday to give initial approval to legislation that would make the District the first jurisdiction in the country to license pharmaceutical sales representatives, a major blow to the prescription drug industry and one that could have national implications if states follow the District’s lead.

What else is pressing in D.C. these days?

  • D.C.’s Murder Count Surpasses Last Year’s Total
  • FBI: Woman Charged in Tax Scheme had 68 Pairs of Shoes, 90 Purses
  • District of Columbia education officials unveiled a nearly $10 million agreement that they hope will help them claw their way out of the city’s special education crisis.
  • Here is a statement from Ken Johnson, senior vice president of Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, via a spokesman:

    We regret that the council voted in favor of legislation that creates unnecessary financial burdens for the District of Columbia at a time when the money would be better spent addressing a wide array of health care challenges confronting the city including HIV/AIDS, diabetes and heart disease. .The bill passed by the council puts the city into a regulatory arena that has been effectively addressed by federal laws and federal government agencies for years.

    City Councilman Marion Barry is right. (It happens now and then.) “Marion Barry (D-Ward 8) called the debate ‘misdirected energy.'”

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    • Dan says:

      I’d like someone to offer a clear definition of ‘misdirection of energy’. Ensuring the best heath care of others is energy well spent.

    • tom says:

      Marion Barry’s never been a support of the regulation of pharmaceuticals

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