Climate Change: Figure THIS Out

By December 5, 2007Global Warming


The above is a chart included in Senator Kit Bond’s opening statement at today’s Environment and Public Works Committee hearing on Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act of 2007. Bond refers to the red blocks at the top:

Unfortunately, they are not just blocks – they represent millions of families, farmers, drivers and workers who will pay higher heating bills, suffer more pain at the pump, and lose more jobs because of this bill.

The bill’s sponsors themselves admit this bill will cost our families and workers hundreds of billions of dollars. Where will that money go?

It will flow out of the pockets of our families, farmers, drivers and workers at the top here in red, through those pass thru entities in orange, thru EPA and the new Climate Change Credit Corporation in black and out to all of these new government programs and causes here in blue and purple.

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