Bush to Congress: Fix FISA

By December 3, 2007Briefly Legal

In President Bush’s remarks this morning directed at Congress — basically, “get to work!” — he made it clear he considers an updated Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act a priority. With immunity for corporate good citizens.

The Director of National Intelligence, Mike McConnell, has warned that unless the FISA reforms in the Act are made permanent, our national security professionals will lose critical tools they need to protect our country. Instead of listening to the judgment of Director McConnell, some in Congress now want to restrict the intelligence tools that help keep the American people safe. They are blocking efforts to provide meaningful liability protection to those companies now facing multi-billion dollar lawsuits only because they are believed to have assisted in efforts to defend our nation following the September the 11th attacks. Congress must stop this obstruction, and make certain our national security professionals do not lose a critical tool for keeping our country safe.

The President also highlighted the issue in last weekend’s radio address.

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