Bush Signs U.S.-Peru FTA — Good Start!

By December 14, 2007Trade

The Associated Press story on the signing ceremony for the U.S.-Peru Free Trade Agreement with President Bush and Peru’s President Alan Garcia.

Now, looking forward:

Standing at Bush’s side, Garcia gave the president’s message a boost.

In a rare move for a visiting leader, he made the case on behalf of his neighbors. Noting that relations between Washington and Latin America have been “plagued by misunderstandings” recently, he said expanded trade with his country and others around it like Colombia and Panama offers “a crucial opportunity” to turn things around.

“Today, I think, begins a new era,” he said. “It’s a bad day for authoritarianism and those who are against the democracy and free trade.”

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  • It is unfortunate that the US Congress approved such a corrupted and dangerous deal. The Peru FTA will increase social injustice in the Andean country, which doesn’t even have a general labor legislation because of corporate interests influence on politicians. Even worse, this FTA will open the Amazon forest to polluting multinationals. This is a terrible deal that will worsened the bad image of US government in Latin America.

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