ATRA’s Judicial Hellholes Report

By December 18, 2007General

The American Tort Reform Association has released its 2007 Judicial Hellholes report. Here’s the news release with the darkest of holes, those areas into which the light is seeping, and some newly illumined locations.

With positive solutions, too:

Finally, the report briefly highlights several reforms that can restore balance to Judicial Hellholes, including stopping “litigation tourism,” enforcing consequences for bringing frivolous lawsuits, stemming abuse of consumer laws, providing safeguards to ensure that pain and suffering awards serve a compensatory purpose, strengthening rules to promote sound science, addressing medical liability issues to protect access to health care and prioritizing the claims of those who are actually sick in asbestos and silica cases.

Experience shows that one of the most effective ways to improve the litigation environments in Hellholes is to bring the abuses to light so everyone can see them. By issuing its Judicial Hellholes report, ATRF hopes that the public and the media can persuade the courts in Hellholes to provide “Equal Justice Under Law” for all.

Full report here.

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