Arrest These Idiots

By December 11, 2007Energy

From the Climate Crisis Coalition blog:

Climate Activists to Sit-in as Sen. Mitch McConnell’s Office. Press release, U.S. Climate Emergency Council. “December 10, 2007. Demanding that the Republican Party listen to its own party rank and file, a group of climate activists organized by the U.S. Climate Emergency Council (USCEC) announced plans today to conduct a sit-in Tuesday morning, December 11th, beginning at 10:00 a.m. inside the office of Senator Mitch McConnell. McConnell is the Senate Minority Leader who orchestrated the Friday morning Republican vote against the House-passed Energy Independence and Security Act. The activists will demand that McConnell meet with them to discuss the inclusion of strong support for renewable energy in the energy bill the Senate is currently working to revise following Friday’s vote. Ted Glick, USCEC coordinator and on the 98th day of a Climate Emergency Fast, called upon citizens across party lines to flood the Senate with phone calls. ‘We must demand that the Senate include both the 15% by 2020 Renewable Electricity Standard for utility companies and a Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit in the energy bill.

Civil disobediance on behalf of subsidies for ethanol producers. Wow.

“Power Breakfast,” a news featurette on the WAMU D.C. version of NPR’s “Morning Edition,” had a bit on Glick and the protest this morning. He’s quite proud of his “Climate Emergency Fast.” He hasn’t eaten any solid food since September.

No solid food? Ted, that’s called a liquid diet. It’s not a fast.

Go back and read Thoreau, and then let’s talk.

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