A Positive Contribution to the Environment: Trade

By December 1, 2007Energy, Innovation, Trade

The National Association of Manufacturers has worked on this proposal for quite some time. Great to see it now announced. From U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab:

Washington, DC – U.S. Trade Representative Susan C. Schwab announced today that the United States and EU have submitted a ground-breaking proposal as part of the Doha Round negotiations to increase global trade in and use of environmental goods and services. The initiative would place priority action on technologies directly linked to addressing climate change and energy security.

“WTO Members have an unprecedented opportunity to address in a concrete and meaningful way the global environmental challenge of climate change,” said Ambassador Schwab. “By eliminating tariff and non-tariff barriers to environmental goods and services, particularly clean energy technologies, we can lower their costs and increase global access to and use of these important products.”

The proposal lays the foundation for an innovative new environmental goods and services agreement (EGSA) in the WTO and would include a commitment by all WTO Members to remove barriers to trade to a specific set of climate-friendly technologies.

White House Press Secretary Dana Perino highlighted the proposal in yesterday’s news briefing.

UPDATE (1 p.m.) The AP story provides more context on this proposal as part of the Doha negotiations. One hopes they give the talks a good push forward.

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