A Little Poesie for the Season

By December 7, 2007Media Relations

From The Blog at the Legal Times, one of our daily reads:

NAM Manufactures Holiday Poem For the Press
‘Tis the season for invitations in rhyme.

Hank Cox, vice president of media relations for the National Association of Manufacturers, spread the holiday cheer around with a lighthearted parody of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,” painting a heartwarming picture of often-at-odds “flacks” and reporters enjoying a carefree outing together at the National Press Club.

“Come sit down beside us/the NAM flacks cried/As the thirsty reporters gathered inside/They spoke not a word about issues or care/But rather of football and holiday cheer,” Cox wrote.

One of the more creative invitations The BLT has received this year. We love it, even if it does end a little ominously:

“And joyful were all who assembled that night/But woe to the others who remained home and out of sight.”

We’re cool with “flack,” or even “flak,” for that matter. Football’s another matter.

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