A Heated Climate of Ignoring the Consequences

By December 5, 2007General

Of passing legislation without any concern for the affects on the economy, jobs, competitiveness — or the climate, for that matter.

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee passed out S. 2191, America’s Climate Security Act, AKA Lieberman-Gore.

Ranking Member James Inhofe (R-OK) commented in a release:

We have had approximately 20 climate hearings on the impacts of climate change, but none on so called ‘solutions.’ Differing approaches to reducing emissions were never discussed. Instead, the Committee rushed to a single approach, without the aid of government analyses.

Within seven years, electricity prices are estimated to skyrocket 35 to 65 percent and will have a huge economic hit on households. These costs are far greater than the McCain-Lieberman bill that was voted down by the Senate two years ago. Additionally, the poor will be the hardest hit as they pay about five times more per month, as a percentage of their monthly expenditures, compared to wealthier Americans. By 2015 this bill is estimated to cost up to 2.3 million jobs, and these lost jobs will go to China, India, and other emerging nations without carbon limits.

The National Association of Manufacturers sent a letter to the Senate today urging opposition to the bill. Is domestically produced energy going to be punished? Apparently.

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  • Ronald says:

    I think there is no future if there are no resources right…If it is true that we might lose 2.3 million jobs( which is not true), since this bill is actually going to create 3.1million jobs. I would rather lose 2.3million this decade than 300 million jobs by 2100.

    There is no economy and jobs without resources.

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