What do Commies, David Broder Have in Common?

By November 21, 2007Labor Unions, Media Relations

They apparently both buy labor’s line that organized labor proved decisive in defeating Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher in his bid for re-election.

From the People’s Weekly World:

Unions flexed their muscles in off year election campaigns that ended in victories Nov. 6. Thousands of union members combed neighborhoods, button-holed people at worksites, and operated phone banks to rack up wins for labor at the polling places.

Nowhere was this truer than in Kentucky where incumbent Republican Gov. Ernie Fletcher is now job hunting. “This was payback time,” said Bill Londrigan, Kentucky’s AFL-CIO president. Fletcher was hated by labor because he had cancelled collective bargaining rights for state workers. He had privatized Medicaid and had advocated wage roll backs for state workers.

David Broder:

In Kentucky, labor had battled Republican Gov. Ernie Fletcher over his campaign to pass a right-to-work law in the state Legislature and block an increase in the state’s minimum wage. As part of that 2006 fight, Working America went into the state and signed up 40,000 members.

Last week, when Fletcher sought a second term against Democrat Steve Beshear, labor leaders claimed that 350,000 people from union households — including the Working America contingent — voted, or about one-third of the overall turnout.

Both Broder and the Communist propagandist cite a poll by Peter D. Hart Research Associates that showed Kentucky voters deciding on the basis of the economy or “worker issues.”

Right. You mean the Peter D. Hart Research Associates’ election-night survey paid for by the AFL-CIO? That’s certainly unbiased. (PowerPoint presentation here.)

Fletcher lost primarily because his Administration was ethically tainted, with allegations and indictments leaving an image of corruption, fairly or not. To omit that critical factor from the discussion of the Kentucky elections is to accept the AFL-CIO’s spin without question. Boo.

P.S. David Broder is a gentleman and fair-minded, hard-working journalist. (If only he had taken that job in Williston, why, North Dakota journalism would have changed forever.) We just thought it remarkable that the union spin worked both with the People’s Weekly World and the “Dean of Washington Columnists.”

(Hat tip: Jim Gray.)

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