Wasted Energy, Wasted Opportunity…So Far

By November 23, 2007Energy

Gary J. Andres of Dutko World Wide (a bipartisan outfit) does a nice, concise job in this column of explaining the pecksniffery and procedural games that have blocked productive energy legislation in Congress this year. And sadly, it did not have to be this way, he writes. Energy policy has been bipartisan in the past and could still be today.

Reasonable measures that actually produce more domestic energy garner strong bipartisan support. Some recent polling conducted by Ayres, McHenry and Associates in August and September, and presented by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich at his American Solutions for Winning the Future press conference last month, underscore this point. Seventy-eight percent of Americans agree that dependence on foreign oil threatens national security, our prosperity and makes us vulnerable to dangerous dictators; 77 percent support building more refineries; 73 percent support drilling off America’s coast to reduce dependence on foreign oil. Needless to say, the current crop of Democratic congressional leaders won’t offend their environmental special interest group friends and bend to what the rest of America really wants.

The NAM issued a news release November 15th expressing strong opposition to energy bills in the House and Senate, citing a CRA International study that showed passage would cost an estimated five million jobs and a 4 percent drop in the GDP through 2030.

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