Vodcast: John Engler on Japan, China and Trade

By November 23, 2007America's Business, Trade

NAM President John Engler leads this week’s video podcast of “America’s Business with Mike Hambrick” with a debriefing on the NAM-led delegation’s trip to China and Japan. An important discovery from the trip: Japan is on the mend, with incredible new economic opportunities at hand, and with the protections of intellectual property missing in other countries.

Engler also discusses the U.S.-Peru Free Trade agreement. It passed the House with a good margin of support, although 132 members voted no. Why? Engler:

It just simply is a flat-out wrong vote, and it’s an ill-informed vote in my judgment. There are certainly groups that have tried to use these trade agreements for political opportunism, and they have in some cases threatened members, and said, ‘Well, we’ll like you if you vote no, we won’t like you if you vote yes.’ But, look at the facts. Look at the companies that we’re hurting by not letting them go forward. It makes no sense to vote no on these agreements.

In the final segment, Renee Giachino of the American Justice Partnership reports on the brothers who sued God for $1 trillion. They will answer to a higher court.

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