Vodcast: Jim Talent on Infrastructure

We build this week’s video podcast highlights of “America’s Business with Mike Hambrick” on a foundation of infrastructure — an interview with former Senator James Talent of Missouri.

During his years in Congress, Talent was a champion of creative financing approach to invest in U.S. roads, rails, ports and airports. Today, he serves as honorary chairman of the NAM-led Alliance for Improving America’s Infrastructure.

In his interview with host Mike Hambrick, Talent says:

The crumbling infrastructure IS a liability, it’s a cost. The only question is, do we fix it? It’s like a homeowner who has a big hole in his roof and debates over whether he ought to fix it. No, you have to fix it, because it’s just going to get worse and eventually the house is going to collapse, so this is something we have to do.

Now, the good news is it’s fully within our capabilities as a nation. There are innovative financing tools that are available to allow us to do it efficiently, if we’ll just pull together and decide we’re going to do it instead of hiding our heads in the sand.

The podcast also features NAM President John Engler’s commentary, saying current Congressional energy proposals pay shortshrift to domestic energy supplies and the U.S. economy.

To watch this week’s vodcast, click on the embedded video or go the NAM’s video page, http://www.youtube.com/namvideo

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