Theater Strike is About Featherbedding, Too

By November 27, 2007Labor Unions

And we don’t mean as in the Princess and the Pea.

Stefan Kaner in The City Journal explains:

Take the term “featherbedding,” a pejorative that Webster’s defines as “the requiring of an employer usually under a union rule . . . to hire more employees than are needed.” The current strike by Local One of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees—stagehands—is about just such a practice.

When the members of Local One walked off their jobs, Broadway essentially went dark. The League of American Theaters and Producers refused to buckle, presenting its side to the public on the local TV station New York One. Richard Frankel, general manager of Young Frankenstein, spoke for his colleagues: “There are several ways that the featherbedding manifests itself. We cannot hire the number of men we [producers] need, we have to hire the number of men [the union tells] us to hire.”

From The Union-Free Employer blog. Blogger Seth Borden of Kreitzman Mortensen & Borden has had lots of interesting labor-related stuff lately, on the stagehands strike and more.

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